Work With Me

On these words, we build

I help brands position themselves through mission-critical language that shapes their identity – the foundations that everything else is built on.

I take a words-first approach, where design follows message. Through workshops and conversations, I understand how to “catch a vision” and put that into words. I help clients see what’s hidden in plain sight and find the nucleus of their brand – purpose, ambition, anything that’s central to their core message. 

The output is words, but the process is what delivers value – helping brands understand how to truly speak to the world. 

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“Seth is an exceptional copywriter. Last year, we saw amazing results from our global campaign (+240k visits on our website and 26k downloads) and we’re seeing even better results this year.” – Adobe

“We clicked immediately and he just got me. I won’t forget my reaction to his first draft. It almost brought me to tears because his words immediately stirred emotions from deep within that made me feel like he was speaking straight from my heart. It sounds cheesy but that’s how powerful and touching his work is.”– Câm Dairies

“Seth approaches his work like a tortured artist, trying to capture the essence and soul of the organization’s work that he pulls, prods, and shapes until it becomes a unique poetic masterpiece.” – Urban Alchemy


Verbal Identities
Brand Architecture
Tone of Voice
Website Copywriting
Content Strategy
Pitch Decks