Work With Me

Celebrate the words.

I’m Seth – a creative copywriter and strategic thinker.

I have over a decade of experience working with early-stage tech, FinTech and lifestyle brands.

I partner with founders and their teams, helping to write investment decks, define purpose and values, launch digital products, and make their brand story more human.

I specialise in four areas (1) Workshopping and co-developing verbal identities that form the foundation of a brand’s message and purpose (2) Finding an authentic tone of voice that sounds like the people behind the brand (3) Launching websites with a beautiful and human narrative (4) Helping founders raise investment through pitch decks and a solid proposition.

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“Seth is an exceptional copywriter. Last year, we saw amazing results from our global campaign (+240k visits on our website and 26k downloads) and we’re seeing even better results this year.” – Adobe

“Seth is of those few alchemists that help turn good into great. A real kind, brilliant pro.” – Investor, Entrepreneur & Ex-Google

“Seth approaches his work like a tortured artist, trying to capture the essence and soul of the organization’s work that he pulls, prods, and shapes until it becomes a unique poetic masterpiece.” – Founder of Urban Alchemy


Tone of Voice
Verbal Identities
Brand Writing