Câm has established one of the first factories in Nigeria dedicated to real dairy and is building milk supply routes across the country. Their pastoralist-driven model is a blueprint for a sustainable dairy industry and aims to create rural jobs for Nigerian youth, meet the nutritional needs of a growing population and lift marginalised pastoralist communities out of poverty.

After creating Câm's verbal identity, I collaborated with Pentagram on the brand launch. Câm has since attracted support from Mastercard Foundation, Mulago and others. I continue to oversee their brand language and work on a range of projects – from social impact reports to opening breakfast clubs and concept stores in Lagos and Abuja.
"We clicked immediately and he just got me. I won’t forget my reaction to his first draft. It almost brought me to tears because his words immediately stirred emotions from deep within that made me feel like he was speaking straight from my heart. It sounds cheesy but that’s how powerful and touching his work is."
– Aisha Bashir
CEO at Câm
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We are the Câmpions
of real dairy.
We are the
of real dairy.
Câm is a pastoralist-driven dairy company. We’re building a new economy that’s centred around real dairy – one that reintroduces fresh milk to Nigerian households, nourishes our growing population and eradicates poverty for our pastoralist suppliers.
By 2050, our goal is to establish a dairy industry that turns Nigeria from a net importer to a net producer of milk, all anchored around pastoralist communities.
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Our milk doesn't have
miles on it.
Our milk doesn't
have miles on it.
If you want real dairy in Nigeria, it will almost certainly come from overseas. Imported dairy leaves a huge hoof print on the environment and arrives tasting beyond its best.

That’s what makes Câm different. We use raw milk that comes from real cows. And we bottle it within 48 hours of leaving the udder. The result? Fresh milk that’s unbelievably rich with flavour and the nutritional building blocks that are essential for our health.

Nigeria’s population is expected to double by 2050, reaching 400 million people. More than half of our population will be under 25 years old. In this same timeframe, we anticipate the milk industry could reach $49.8 billion. Meanwhile, our nation currently spends $1.3bn on dairy imports. By breaking our reliance on overseas dairy and investing in our own economy, we’re creating job opportunities for rural Nigerians.
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Milk is the Mother.
Milk is the Mother.
It’s literally the source of everything we create. We call it the mother of all ingredients. Even though we talk non-stop about milk, we also create other delicious dairy products like fresh butter, creams and yoghurts that can all be traced back to the cow.
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Sharing our love of real dairy –
and building the infrastructure that makes it possible.
Sharing our love of real dairy –
and building the infrastructure that makes it possible.
We started Câm with a simple aim of making real dairy from raw milk here in Nigeria. The idea came from our childhood memories of fresh, rich, creamy, tart yoghurt sold from the calabashes of pastoralist women who walked from neighbourhood to neighbourhood selling fermented dairy products. Even though powdered milk is now everywhere, the taste of fresh dairy is what we remember.

Instead of losing this part of our culture, we decided to honour the women who introduced us to our first spoonful of the real stuff by creating our own authentic recipes for today’s generation to enjoy. The only problem? Nigeria doesn’t have a dairy industry that’s established enough to yield a regular supply of milk. So we set about creating one.

To quench our thirst for the good stuff, we’re building a modern and sustainable dairy industry from scratch that unites pastoralists across Nigeria, reducing poverty in rural communities and producing enough milk to nourish our country.

Our goal is to create a massive income boost for 500,000 pastoralists and 10,000 youth entrepreneurs living in extreme poverty, and nourish millions of customers with essential nutrients.
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