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Premium kitchen knives designed in the UK and forged in the Samurai sword capital of Japan.

TOG Knives are designed by Bert Beagley-Brown and manufactured in Seiki, Japan. Each knife is forged from layers of steel and antimicrobial copper, creating the iconic orange stripes. TOG is the only company in the world to use four different types of steel to strengthen their blades.

I was invited to help the team launch a new website and expand the product range. Before I began work on the website, I ran a branding workshop at their beautiful studio overlooking Bristol. The workshop helped them to clarify their position in the market and understand what stories they should be telling.

I created a brand story for TOG with a simple purpose statement: Honour the knife. I used this statement to generate ideas for various marketing campaigns such as in-person knife sharpening workshops and a fun Instagram concept, Knife Stories, to showcase Bert’s impressive collection of Japanese steel.

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