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Millions of people suffer from concussion each year. Rhea makes sure they never have to go through recovery alone.

Rhea is challenging the traditional approach to treating concussion and other mental health conditions. Instead of generic “passive” treatments that involve rest and darkness, Rhea has developed a new Active Recovery approach that uses evidence-based movements tailored to a patient’s individual symptoms.

As a stakeholder in the business, I led the brand messaging from the beginning – creating the verbal identity, brand story, tone of voice, website and investment deck. Particular attention was paid to the tone of voice because many of Rhea’s users will have suffered from a concussion. Therefore, I purposefully created a more neutral and instructional tone of voice within the platform to guide users through the exercises with minimal friction.

Rhea is currently running clinical trials in collaboration with leading concussion researchers. Since helping to launch the website and publish investor decks, Rhea has secured $650k in seed funding with a Series A planned for late 2021.

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