Work With Me

The ideas that change the world often come out of nowhere.

Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road on a 120-foot long sheet of paper that he taped together. He finished the novel in three weeks.

The musician Steve Harley lost his song lyrics on the way to Abbey Road recording studio and wrote Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile) in the back of a taxi on the way there.

Banksy uses stencils for his street graffiti, spraying up artwork literally overnight. His art is now valued in the millions.

There’s a myth that creativity takes time. But unless you’re painting the Sistine Chapel, it probably shouldn’t take as long as you think.

Which brings me on to 500Mins™. Last week, we launched a brand accelerator for entrepreneurs looking to raise funding. It’s a new venture with The Workshop, my friend Jason Briscoe’s studio.

The idea is simple. We take a rough idea and sprint with it for a full day (which happens to be 500 minutes), leaving you with a pitch deck at the end. We recently booked our first session with Brown Sugar, a start-up created by ex-Googler, Alex Abelin.

Being honest, 500Mins™ started as an experiment. A challenge to see if we could do it.

Now we know for certain that we can bring an idea to life overnight. Our 500Mins™ session ended on a Friday evening, and on Monday morning Alex was speaking with investors.

Here’s what Alex said about the experience:

“500Mins was productive, illuminating and downright fun. Jason and Seth are exceptional professionals with a wealth of experience. Their talents shine in real-time as they question, sketch and expand what’s possible. Seeing true masters of their craft at work was both humbling and rewarding. I’m grateful for their contributions to Brown Sugar and look forward to many more future collaborations. 500 minutes is the definition of time well spent.”