StrangeLove Lo-Cal opinion for BP&O


StrangeLove is an Australian soft drinks created in collaboration with New Zealand-based Marx Design. The brand launched with a four flavour range of energy drinks. Although mass-produced, each of these was created with the intention of evoking a taste of the homemade through carefully sourced and high-quality organic ingredients. Now they have launched a range of Lo-Cal sodas that look primed for a more sophisticated audience.

StrangeLove Lo-Cal opinion for BP&O

The last time I spoke to James, the founder of StrangeLove, he told me that a ‘brand’ was a gut feeling that’s not even rational. We discussed his approach to copy. He would find a little insight, a relatable shard of truth, then use it to spin the product. No overworking or diluting the idea. If some people hated it, more people would love it. That was the thinking.

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Posted by: Seth Rowden

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