Port Mokha opinion for BP&O


Port of Mokha is a coffee, sourced from Yemen, that is said to be the rarest, most expensive and best tasting in the world. As a brand it is critically acclaimed, winning awards and receiving the highest ratings in blind cuppings, and mindful, helping to support local communities. I explored their tone of voice alongside Richard Baird in this BP&O review.


Port Mokha opinion for BP&O

There are brand stories that are fabricated in a mid-afternoon workshop, and those that are born during a seven-hour trip in a fishing boat across the Red Sea with a couple of suitcases of coffee on board after escaping civil war. Mokhtar Alkhanshali’s journey from war-torn Yemen to scoring a 90+ rating at the SCAA in Seattle a few days later for Port of Mokha is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Posted by: Seth Rowden

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