Steve Bannatyne | The Woodstore Brighton | by Seth Rowden


I caught up with Steve recently in a quiet corner of The Plotting Parlour, a cocktail bar tucked away down a side street in Brighton. We got to know each other when I was living in Hove. He introduced me to agave tequila and even made my writing desk by hand – upcycled from parquet flooring and other reused parts from…

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Ernest Capbert | Cold Water Surfer and Entrepreneur | by Seth Rowden


You can’t miss Ernie – he is pure energy. The first time we met, he walked into the upstairs private room at Shoreditch House and delivered a knockout presentation to a packed room about his life as an entrepreneur. As one of the original co-founders of the surf brand Finisterre, he had one hell of a story to tell –…

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Frameline 41 opinion for BP&O


The absence of photography and the sparse use of copy leave room for the imagination, making it possible for a diverse group of people to find meaning in the words and identify with the statements on a personal level. I can imagine people taking ownership of the slogans and wearing them with pride, something that would be impossible to achieve…

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Naughty But Rice opinion for BP&O


Today I was invited to contribute my second opinion piece to graphic designer Richard Baird’s influential blog, BP&O. Richard wrote an insightful review on the branding behind the new Naughty But Rice rice pudding range created by The Hain Daniels Group.

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