In conversation with Nicole Scott / ModRec


ModRec – fkn cool coffee. I discovered them after BP&O asked me to review their branding (nice work by Blok Design). Their coffee subscription allows people to sample the best small batch roasters from unusual corners of the world. Each series is released with its own Spotify playlist. I can’t get enough of this brand. They don’t care about convention. They’re moving…

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James Bruce: StrangeLove


This is some my favourite copy in existence. A few years ago, Richard Baird from BP&O asked my opinion about a new brand called StrangeLove, a range of natural craft soft drinks for people who “don’t want to look like they’ve been kissing their cousin under the bleachers at the Parramatta Speedway”. You can read the review here. The founder, James…

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Ashley Watson: Motorcycles


If you’re into custom bikes, you’ll know about The Bike Shed. It’s a place in Shoreditch, tucked away under the arches with a constant stream of loud, modified bikes coming in off the road and gunning their engines right into the forecourt. Café racers, scramblers, brat bikes, trackers, boxers, bobbers – they all hang out here. I was there back…

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Copy Opinion: Mami Wata


This is a surf brand with a heartbeat. The name Mami Wata comes from the African water spirit who draws surfers to the ocean and takes them to be her lovers. It’s not at all what you would expect from a surf shop – no crisp landscape images or surfing remote waves. The entire look and feel is rooted in…

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Jeffrey Bowman: Millican


Jeff looks cool as hell. He wears a big beard, a smattering of ink, and there’s something of a well-dressed outdoorsman about him. We were perched at a small table near the back of The Orange Square in Keswick, eating pizza, drinking beers and talking about Millican ahead of the tone of voice workshop the next morning. It wasn’t long…

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Steve Bannatyne: The Woodstore


I caught up with Steve recently in a quiet corner of The Plotting Parlour, a cocktail bar tucked away down a side street in Brighton. We got to know each other when I was living in Hove. He introduced me to agave tequila and even made my writing desk by hand – upcycled from parquet flooring and other reused parts from…

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Ernest Capbert: Cold Water Surfer


You can’t miss Ernie – he is pure energy. The first time we met, he walked into the upstairs private room at Shoreditch House and delivered a knockout presentation to a packed room at Rip It Up Start Again about his life as an entrepreneur. As one of the original co-founders of the surf brand Finisterre, he had one hell of…

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Frameline 41 opinion for BP&O


The absence of photography and the sparse use of copy leave room for the imagination, making it possible for a diverse group of people to find meaning in the words and identify with the statements on a personal level. I can imagine people taking ownership of the slogans and wearing them with pride, something that would be impossible to achieve…

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Naughty But Rice opinion for BP&O


Today I was invited to contribute my second opinion piece to graphic designer Richard Baird’s influential blog, BP&O. Richard wrote an insightful review on the branding behind the new Naughty But Rice rice pudding range created by The Hain Daniels Group.

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