Who is Seth Rowden?

I’m an independent copywriter. I work with businesses and entrepreneurs to write the words for websites, branding and marketing. The end goal is to get people to talk about you and buy from you. Most of my clients are in the UK, but I also work with companies across the Atlantic and further afield.

What’s your process?

There’s no set process, but I do have some tricks up my sleeve. The starting point is usually a quick call or email exchange to get to know each other. I’ll ask some questions and might even make some suggestions on the spot. Then I’ll send a proposal outlining everything you need to know about working with me.

What’s your claim to fame?

I once worked on a high-budget movie script in Beijing, where I spent weeks holed up in a hotel room eating noodles. Also, when I was younger, I held a Pulitzer Prize in my hands (although, sadly it didn’t have my name on it).

Ready to work with me? Say hello@sethrowden.com

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