Frameline 41 opinion for BP&O


The absence of photography and the sparse use of copy leave room for the imagination, making it possible for a diverse group of people to find meaning in the words and identify with the statements on a personal level. I can imagine people taking ownership of the slogans and wearing them with pride, something that would be impossible to achieve with images. It’s the same reason the I Love New York logo is iconic; because it’s personal to each of us, yet outwardly celebrates what we have in common.

Frameline 41 opinion for BP&O

Copy Opinion for BP&O.

This picture doesn’t need a thousand words – just two. Like the best films, David Begler’s copy asks us to think and participate, rather than passively spectate.

The spin-off statements around the main theme show a rainbow of copy positioned in the centre of the frame against a theatrically dark background. It’s active, witty, colourful, assertive, expressive – the perfect voice to speak on behalf of this community. The wordplay dares us to look more closely at something our eyes made a snap decision on at first glance. It’s a sophisticated, multilayered campaign. For me, the copy delivers a powerful and nuanced message: that both film and our communities would be lacking without genre/gender diversity. That’s a lot to say in just two words.

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Posted by: Seth Rowden

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